Tribute Co.,LTD.

Before Case 1 troubled tenant
Too noisy
Do not follow regulations
Aged exterior

After Case 1 troubled tenant
Remove bad or non paying tenant
Set up regulations
Select tenants

Before Case 2 Family property issues
Siblings inherit a property estate
Own the tenants in common
Hard to mediate their conflicts

After Case 2 Family property issues
Buy out the property
Divide their interest of the property properly

Before Case 3 Undeveloped land
Distortions of land
Entrance of the land is too narrow
Adjacent land is not maintained

After Case 3 Undeveloped land
Buy the adjacent land
Dismantled the building
Rearrange the land

Before Case 4 Illegal property
Convert a parking space into tenant without permission
Floor area ratio is too high
Do not keep the Building Standards Law

After Case 4 Illegal property
Keep the building Standards Law
Build a parking space on the first floor
Use the roof floor as a relaxation space for high return

Before Case 5 Low occupancy rate
Aged building
Law occupancy rate
Self – management, not to hire a property manager or agent

After Case 5 Low occupancy rate
Modernize the building
Arrange the property manager
Advertise the property better to attract prospective tenants