Personal Information Protection Policy

Tribute Corporation, (from here on referred to as “This company”), handles customer and employee information professionally. This company considers the use of personal information while placing great importance on protecting our customers and employees’ right and interests.

This company adheres to a Personal Information Protection Policy, and we protect personal information in regards to all of our business activities.

We are also aware of the great importance of personal information, comply with all laws pertaining to personal information, and aim to thoroughly and adequately protect personal information to earn the trust of our customers and employees.

  1. This company recognizes the importance of staff and employees’ personal information, and only uses and offers personal information in business to a necessary extent and with the consent of the owner of said personal information. We do not handle personal information outside the boundaries of what is necessary.
  2. This company only collects, uses and offers personal information when applying the appropriate protections according to law, and in compliance with government guidelines or other standards, and conforming with this companies business subjects and condition.
  3. This company provides suitable corrections and prevention against unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leaking of personal information. In order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leaking of personal information this company has created a management system to sustain necessary and suitable protection of personal information. Also, we periodically review this system and provide necessary corrections.
  4. This company respects personal rights regarding personal information. If asked to disclose, correct, or destroy any personal information, we will respond sufficiently using commonly accepted practices.
  5. This company respects the law and other standards in regards to personal information. All employees understand the importance of protecting personal information and handle personal information suitably.
  6. Inquiries regarding personal information. Please contact our personal information hotline for any inquiries or complaints regarding the disclosing, correcting, erasing, or the handling of personal information, or for a copy of our Personal Information Protection Policy.

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January 1 2018

Tribute Co., Ltd.

President Toshimasa Tanaka