be revived We will revive charm of real estate that was sleeping We make undervalued properties profitable.

Real Estate Revitalization Service

Do you have an old or run-down property? Useless inheirited property? A small plot of land that is difficult to use? There are many reasons why it's hard to utilize these kinds of properties.

We here at Tribute acquire these undervalued properties and use our experience and network to renew them in ways that the real estate market values. Our expertise includes renovation, negotiation with neighbors, legal assistance, finances and more.

Real Estate Revitalization Service / Project Model

Tribute acquires property from owners after sufficient inspection.
We supply these properties to the market after employing our expertise
in property renewal and raising its value.

Land, Buildings, Large Apartment Complexes, Apartments

Three Reasons to Feel Assured

Our brokage deals are safe and based on sufficient inspections

We offer assured
tax strategies

Relax and leave negotiation
with tenants to us

Low occupancy rates even in a prime location, because the owner independently manages the property

Increase occupancy rate with repairs, a proper management company, and building maintenance

Frequently Seen Cases in Property Revitalization

by Bad Tenants

Improving property by legally vacating rooms
Recommended for these types of cases

Inherited Properties and Messy Joint Ownership

Negotiating with each owner and restoring to single owner property
Recommended for these types of cases

Small Land Plot, Low Value

Acquiring adjacent land, restoring value
Recommended for these types of cases

Properties with Extremely Low Occupancy Rates

Renovating to meet needs and fill rooms
Recommended for these types of cases

Renewing Property with Potential

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Properties with Legal Issues

Restoring legality to legitimize property
Recommended for these types of cases

Recommended for these types of cases

I inherited property, but I have no way to use it
I'm reluctant to get in debt
I have property but I'm not interested in managing it
I need funds immediately